WATCH: Gugudan Gets Ready For Comeback In “The Boots” MV Teaser

UPDATED: gugudan has released the MV teaser for “The Boots.” The short video gives a preview of the group’s upcoming title track, as well as the interesting visuals and plot of the music video. In addition, fans are also treated to a glimpse of the group’s choreography.

Check it out below, then let us know what you think!


UPDATED: Jellyfish Entertainment has now released a series of teaser images as a “special gift” to fans. In what appears to be bonus pictures from the behind-the-scenes of their official photoshoot, the members of gugudan looks perfectly pretty as they pose in the black-and-white outfits from their teaser photos. It seems as though the pictures were released as a gift to fans who have to wait a little longer for the group’s comeback that originally expected. The comeback was put off by one day in order to give them more time with the finishing touches on the album.

Check out the photos below! Which one is your favorite?

UPDATED: gugudan has released a highlight medley for their upcoming album! Check it out below.

UPDATED: gugudan just dropped the track list for their upcoming single album. Check it out below! Are you excited?

UPDATED: gugudan has released a special teaser video for their comeback! On January 23rd, the group released a special “Waltz Acappella Title Preview” for their upcoming title track, “The Boots.” The members’ gorgeous vocals soar with clarity, giving fans a unique preview of their song.

Watch it below, then let us know what you think? Are we the only ones hoping for a full a cappella version?

UPDATED: After releasing individual teaser images for their comeback, gugudan has now dropped two teaser photos of the entire group. The Day Version and Night Version photos show the members in two contrasting images, each one featuring the members looking as lovely as ever! Check it out. Which one do you prefer?

UPDATED: gugudan has released the Night Version teaser images for Mina, Mimi, and Sally. Check it out!


UPDATED Mina, Mimi, and Sally are the latest members to shine in the individual teaser images for gugudan‘s comeback! Check out the Day Version photos below!

UPDATED: gugudan has dropped the Night Version teasers for Haebin, Soyee, and Nayoung. Check it out!

UPDATED: More teaser images has released for gugudan‘s comeback! Haebin, Soyee, and Nayoung are the next to be featured in the “Day Version” set of individual teasers. Check them out below! Don’t the members look so pretty?

UPDATED: The newest set of teasers has been released for gugudan‘s comeback! These images also feature Sejeong, Hana and Hyeyeon, but this set of pictures are the “Night Version” images as opposed to the “Day Version” images released earlier. Which set do you like best?

ORIGINAL: Gugudan (stylized as gugudan) has released the first set of teaser images for their comeback!

Sejeong, Hana, and Hyeyeon are the first members to shine in the lovely teasers. They look feminine and pretty in the soft, hazy photos as they all pose with accessories like hats or feathers.

gugudan will be making their comeback on January 31st at 6 p.m. KST with their new single album, Act.4 Cait Sith. The lead track and MV, entitled “The Boots,” will also be released the same day.

Check out the gorgeous photos below, then keep up with their other teasers via the comeback schedule.

Who’s excited?

Media: Jellyfish Entertainment

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