LISTEN: Golden Child Reveals Highlight Medley For “Miracle”

UPDATED: Golden Child has revealed the highlight medley for their comeback album, Miracle! Listen below.

UPDATED: Golden Child has finally released the teaser video for their upcoming MV, “It’s U.” The cute teaser shows the members in a high school setting as an apparent romance plays out between one of the members and a young, female student. In addition, short scenes of the group’s choreography are shown, teasing fans and making them want to see more!

Watch it below!

UPDATED: Golden Child has released the track list for their comeback album! Check it out below.

UPDATED: As expected due to the “Golden Movie” logo in each of their teaser images, Golden Child has now dropped the trailer for “Golden Movie.” The teaser video is shot in a movie trailer style and promises the story of a young man at a high school.

Watch it below! Who’s excited?

UPDATED: Another group teaser has been revealed for Golden Child‘s comeback in the format of an updated teaser schedule for their “Golden Week,” the week counting down to their MV and album release. Check it out!


UPDATED: The first group teaser image has been revealed for Golden Child‘s January comeback!

The poster is shown with the album information on top, reminding people that the album, entitled Miracle, will be released on January 29th. At the bottom of the poster is a group teaser, showing the guys standing outside a wooden building as the snow falls around them.

Check out the poster below! Are you excited for Golden Child’s comeback?

UPDATED: Check out the new posters for Jaehyun and Jangjun!

UPDATED: Golden Child has revealed new teaser images for members Jaehyun and Jangjun. Like the previously released teaser images for the other group members, the young singers are also shown in school uniforms and posing seriously. Do you like the concept?

UPDATED: Teaser posters have been released for Golden Child‘s Seungmin and Donghyun!

UPDATED: More teaser images have been released for Golden Child‘s comeback! This time, members Seungmin and Donghyun are featured in the school-style teasers, showing off their youthful good looks and serious poses. What do you think?

UPDATED: Golden Child has released teaser posters for Jibeom and Y. Check out the images below.

UPDATED: Golden Child has dropped more individual teasers! This time, members Jibeom and Y are the next to shine in the student-style photos. Check it out!

UPDATED: More teasers have been released for Golden Child‘s Daeyeol and TAG! Check it out below. Which teaser poster is your favorite?

UPDATED: Following a comeback countdown teaser video and individual teasers for members Bomin and Joochan, Woollim Entertainment took to social media platforms to post teasers images for leader (and INFINITE member Sungyeol‘s younger brother) Daeyeol and 4D rapper TAG! The members are seen looking thoughtful and handsome in school uniforms and with natural hair colors.

Check out the photos below!

UPDATED: Two more teasers have been released for Golden Child‘s Bomin and Joochan! Check it out below.

ORIGINAL: Dam Da Di! It looks like Golden Child will be another group to have a January comeback!

On January 17th, the first two individual member teasers were released for their upcoming comeback!  The guys look dashing in the school photos. Bomin and Joochan are shown as handsome students while wearing their uniforms. These are the first images released after the departure of Jaeseok which occurred earlier this month. In addition, the group released a teaser video to kick off the countdown to their comeback.

This upcoming mini-album has been given the title of “Miracle”! The mini-album is set to release on January 29th, and fans are more than excited to see what is to come after their debut last August!

Did you watch the teaser video? What about their handsome teaser pictures?

Check them out below! Who’s excited?

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