LISTEN: Jungkook Of BTS Releases Beautiful Cover Of Lee Hi’s “Breathe”

On January 17th, BTS‘s Jungkook uploaded a clip of himself singing to Lee Hi‘s “Breathe” without any background instrumentals or music. His soft vocals made his a capella rendition of the song more than beautiful. It could make anyone’s heart melt!

The song was originally released by Lee Hi in 2016 and was co-composed by the late Jonghyun of SHINee. He had written the lyrics to leave a comforting feeling to the listeners, which is exactly what it did. This song was recently performed by Lee Hi at the 32nd Golden Disc Awards in memory of Jonghyun, who passed away in December. In addition, the song already had special meaning as Lee Hi has struggled with panic disorder and found the song an outlet to express her feelings. Therefore, her special performance left many fans and other idols feeling somber yet touched at the beautiful performance in his memory.

Did you hear Jungkook’s cover yet? Listen to his beautiful version of the song below!

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