WATCH: New Trailer Released For Seo Kang Joon’s Drama ”Are You Human Too?”

Seo Kang Joon (”Cheese in the Trap”) will soon be back on television with his newest drama ”Are You Human Too?” The drama co-stars actress Gong Seung Yeon (”My Only Love Song”).

Written by Jo Jung Joo, who also wrote the series ”The Princess’ Man,” the drama tells the story of a young man (Seo Kang Joon) who goes into a coma after an accident. His mother, Oh Ro Ra (Kim Sung Ryung), struggles to find a way to bring back her son. In the meantime, she creates an android named Nam Shin III. The android’s overall appearance is exactly like her son and proceeds to fill in for him. The android is protected by a bodyguard named Kang So Bong (Gong Seung Yeon).

Filming began on June 30th 2017 and ended in November. The drama is set to air on the KBS2 network, but no exact air date has yet been announced. However, a new trailer was released for the highly anticipated drama, making fans even more excited to see the upcoming show.

Watch the trailer below! What do you think?

Media: KBS

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