WATCH: Jo Kwon Gets Emotional In New MV Teaser

UPDATED: Jo Kwon continues to count down to his comeback with another teaser! This time, the talented singer released a teaser video for “새벽 (Daybreak).” The teaser starts off with Jo Kwon playing the piano and singing his heart out before the camera switches scenes and show Yoo Seon Ho, fellow Cube Entertainment labelmate and “Produce 101” trainee. 

UPDATED: Jo Kwon has released more teasers for his solo comeback with “새벽.” The singer looks as handsome as ever in the set of new teaser images, dressed in warm, winter tones that complement his classic looks. Check out the full set below! 

UPDATED: Jo Kwon has dropped a teaser video for his comeback in the form of a prologue film. The video shows the singer strolling through a backstage type setting to get in front of a camera. Before he begins filming, however, he gazes sadly at a pocket watch before laying it down on a table, allowing viewers to read the time as 2 o’clock— a reference to his group 2AM.

According to the teaser video, the new release is entitled “새벽” (Daybreak) and will drop on January 10th KST.

Watch it below!

 ORIGINAL: Jo Kwon is ready for his solo comeback!

On January 2nd KST, the 2AM star dropped the first teaser image for his comeback. The teaser shows a glimpse of the singer sitting on the floor with marbles spread out beside him. He is dressed in a retro-style suit and pictures in front of a bookcase filled with old records. While fans were expecting something fierce and outgoing due to Jo Kwon’s recent teasers on his Instagram account, the subdued colors and vibe of the teaser now have people wondering if his new song will be a ballad.

Jo Kwon’s last solo released was in 2016 with “Crossroad.” This will also mark his first music release since joining Cube Entertainment.

Although no word was released on the title of the upcoming track, the new digital single will be released on January 10th at 6 p.m. KST.

Check out the full teaser below! What do you think?

Media: Cube Entertainment

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