5 Non-Title Tracks From 2017 That You’re Missing Out On

With Kpop, we get many fantastic title tracks that capture our attention and hearts! However, beyond those more famous songs are other amazing tracks by a wide variety of groups. Although we could literally take up hundreds of articles and posts in recommending our favorite non-title tracks, today we decided to focus on five songs that were largely lost among the many releases and powerhouse comebacks of 2017.

Check out these great non-title tracks below, then let us know which one was your favorite!

1) LONGGUO & SHIHYUN – “Stay Here”

Starting off with Longguo & Shihyun (용국 & 시현), this song was the opening track to their debut single the.the.the. “Stay Here” opens the mood with its dreamy sound and gentle vocals. It is sure to be an easy listen which can soothe you on a chill day.

 2) PENTAGON – “It’s Over”

Boasting self-composed music, PENTAGON surely delivered with their recent album DEMO_01. While “Like This” featured uplifting lyrics matched with its mood-making, slightly intense sound, “It’s Over” gives a more melancholic feel. You feel the pain of each line sung, as well as its smooth and climactic raps.

3) BTOB – “My Lady”

BTOB  has always been known to boast excellent vocals, and they use those talents in one of the best tracks of their recent album Brother Act. “My Lady” could be your normal, everyday, feel-good track. However, including such excellent vocal combinations really ups the game of this track. After just one listen, you will definitely be putting this on your playlist.


NU’EST W leader JR has been known to write spot-on rap lyrics. Needless to say, he did it again in his solo track on the group’s album W, HERE. He starts off with a melodic narration which cascades into a series of intense lines. The instruments backing up his rap certainly sets the mood of the song and make it an unforgettable track.

5) DAY6 – “I Need Somebody”

People who have heard this are calling it one of the best songs of DAY6 to date. “I Need Somebody” opens with a piano melody which may already have you guessing the mood of the song. It then slowly builds until you meet the intense chorus. By the time the second chorus comes on, you’ll be screaming “Why am I alone?” 

Which track do you like best? What other amazing non-title tracks came out in 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

beatrice has been a follower of the Korean industry since late 2009. From then on, she has cultivated an obsession over mostly boy groups/singers and dramas. Beatrice is a libra whose heart is full of singing, music, and photography.

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