Park Jung Min Becomes Latest To Talk About Possible SS501 Comeback

SS501‘s Park Jung Min is the latest member to talk about a possible group reunion and comeback!

Just weeks after Heo Young Saeng held an interview and talked about the group’s hopes for a reunion, Park Jung Min has also chimed in on the possibility.

To celebrate their recent Japanese anniversary, the group members (with the exception of Kim Hyung Jun who is currently fulfilling his military duty) gathered in Japan with their old staff members for a reunion night. During the special time of celebration, Heo Young Saeng said the members talked about a possible comeback album and their hopes for the future. In light of Park Jung Min’s comments about the same possibility, it is assumed he was also referring to the group’s conversation in Japan.

According to Heo Young Saeng, they had wanted to have a reunion for their 10th anniversary or even their Japanese debut anniversary. However, with different issues that weren’t settled until recently and with members serving at different times in the military, things weren’t able to be worked out for a comeback album.

Park Jung Min went on to add details to the story when asked about it in a new interview. According to the talented vocalist, the members are seriously considering a reunion as a full group. He stated that their meeting had been a positive one in which they discussed details about new music, plans for a concert, and more.

SS501 is one of the most legendary Kpop groups of the Korean Wave era, gaining massive fame as one of the first groups to truly go worldwide and thus becoming responsible for introducing many international fans into the world of Kpop. Although the group members all became soloists after their contracts expired years ago with DSP Media, they have always promised that they’re just on hiatus and would one day reunite.

With Young Saeng’s recent comments and now Park Jung Min’s interview as well, it looks like a reunion is truly a possibility for this amazing group.

Meanwhile, Park Jung Min recently surprised fans with his unexpected appearance on the hit show “King of Mask Singer.”

What do you think? Will SS501 finally make their long-awaited comeback?

Media: DSP Media

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