U-KISS’s Soohyun Enlists In The Military

Soohyun of U-KISS has enlisted in the military!

On December 28th, fans were surprised to hear that the singer quietly enlisted in the army with no prior warning. According to the singer’s label, Soohyun wanted to go quietly with only his members and family at his side. For this reason, he decided not to tell fans and to enlist privately with no fanfare. Before bidding each other a temporary farewell, Soohyun and some of his members took a final picture together.

The singer released a statement through his label, “I will diligently work as a citizen of Korea, and I am sorry to share this sudden news of my enlistment with fans. However, I believe that [they] will understand. I will return as a more mature and healthy person, so please give lots of love and support to U-KISS while I am gone. As always, thank you.”

After completing basic service, Soohyun will serve as an active duty soldier.

The news of Soohyun’s enlistment comes just one day after U-KISS surprised fans with a new single in Korea, marking their first Korean release in over a year and a half.

Good luck, Soohyun! We hope you return safely and soon.

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