WATCH: MXM Drops Highlight Medley For Comeback Album

UPDATED: MXM has released a highlight medley for their comeback with Match Up. The mini-album will include a total of five tracks. Listen below, then let us know what you think of the upcoming album!

UPDATED: MXM has revealed the MV teaser for “Diamond Girl.” Watch it below! Are you excited for this funky concept?

UPDATED: MXM has now released individual teaser images for Lim Young Min. The young artist has two contrasting images, similar to the teasers already released. Check them out below.

UPDATED: MXM has released new teaser images for their comeback. This time, member Kim Dong Hyun takes the spotlight in two photos that show off the charms of the young artist. Check it out below!

UPDATED: MXM has released teaser images for their comeback with Match Up. The new teasers were revealed as “M Version” and “X Version,” with one set featuring the members with a subdued, boyfriend-material style. The other set of teasers shows the two young artists in funky, street-style fashion befitting their young age.

Check them out below! Which concept is your favorite?

UPDATED: MXM has now dropped the track list for their comeback with Match Up. Check it out below!

ORIGINAL: The boys of MXM will soon be making their comeback!

On December 27th, the young duo released two teaser images for their upcoming mini-album, Match Up. This will be their second mini-album to be released as a unit of the Brand New Boys who participated in “Produce 101: Season 2.”

MXM will release the new album on January 10th.

More teaser are expected in the days ahead, so stay tuned!

Who’s excited for their comeback?

Media: Brand New Music

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