WATCH: Oh My Girl Invites You To A “Secret Garden” In MV Teaser

UPDATED: Oh My Girl has released the MV teaser for “Secret Garden.” The video shows contrasting images as the lovely, young members discover a secret and magical world. Check it out below! Who’s excited for their comeback?

UPDATED: Oh My Girl has now shared a teaser for their choreography of their upcoming title track “Secret Garden.” As opposed to the floral prints and bright colors of their teaser pictures, the girls are seen in black dresses that still maintain a frilly, youthful feel. Watch the video below!

UPDATED: On January 6th, Oh My Girl released a teaser spoiler for their comeback! Check it out.

UPDATED: A new teaser image has been released for Oh My Girl‘s comeback! The lovely, floral-themed pictures shows the members looking beautiful and sweet in their “Secret Garden.” Check out the full image below!

UPDATED: Oh My Girl has released the second portion of their prologue film for “Secret Garden.” Watch it below! What do you think of the story’s progression?

UPDATED: Oh My Girl has released a prologue film for their comeback with “비밀정원 (Secret Garden).” Shot in animation style, the video encourages people that they don’t have to feel alone. Watch it below!

UPDATED: Oh My Girl has dropped the track list for their album! The new mini-album includes a total of five tracks, including the title track “비밀정원 .” Check it out below!

UPDATED: Oh My Girl has released a storybook teaser video for their comeback! Watch below. Isn’t this a cute concept?

UPDATED: More teasers have been revealed for the comeback of Oh My Girl. Check it out below!

UPDATED: Oh My Girl has released a new group teaser image for Secret Garden.

ORIGINAL: Oh My Girl will soon be making their comeback!

On December 23rd, the lovely, young group released a concept teaser for their comeback with upcoming album, Secret Garden. This will be the group’s fifth mini-album to be released so far. The album will be released on January 9th KST.

Check out the first teaser image below, then keep up with the other upcoming teasers via the schedule at the bottom of th page!

Who’s excited for Oh My Girl’s comeback?

Media: Oh My Girl Official

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