DIA’s Chaeyeon In Talks To Star In New Upcoming Drama “Let’s Live Together”

DIA‘s Jung Chaeyeon is currently in the talks to join the cast of the upcoming drama “Let’s Live Together.”

This new KBS drama is set to premiere in February 2018! Many Kdrama fans may recognize Chaeyeon from her previous work in the drama “Drinking Solo,” as well as “Reunited Worlds.”  Her company responded that the final decision has not been made, but many fans hope she will go through with the decision!

If Chaeyeon does take the role, she will be playing the role of the younger Lee Mi Yeon as Jang Mi Hee will be playing the current day version of her. From the drama, her character has had to build up her husband’s company in which he had let run to the ground. While living the single life, she has become a determined, sensible, and successful business woman!

Are you excited to see this new drama? Check back for more updates about the drama!

Media: MBK Entertainment

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