Megan Bowen Shares Some Misunderstandings Foreigners Have Faced In Korea

K-life YouTuber Megan Bowen has uploaded a new video on misunderstandings made about foreigners in Korea.

In a past video, Megan Bowen talked about what some foreigners have misunderstood about Koreans and decided to do a view from the opposite viewpoint— what foreigners have been misunderstood about by Koreans!

Previously known as Chonunmigooksaram (저는미국사람), Megan Bowen addressed some misunderstandings such as thinking foreigners cannot handle spicy food or that looking someone in the eye means you’re challenging that person.

The well-known YouTuber has been living in Korea for many years and speaks Korean fluently. Uploading videos as a career on her experiences and on Korean culture has currently earned her over 600,000 subscribers.

Check out her videos now below! What are some situations you have faced that led to a misunderstanding?

Sarah (sapphir3bluu) is a writer for WTK from Las Vegas and fond of cats, k-pop, and singing. She enjoys learning new languages and is manager of Super Junior fanbase, WorldwideELFs, but has also done subbing work for EXO. If you don’t find her being slowly consumed by BTS, GOT7, NCT, and ASTRO, she is aspiring to go to graduate school and work in the health care field.

Media: Megan Bowen (Twitter)

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