Brand New Music Announces Phantom To Officially Disband After Six Years

The three-member R&B group Phantom has announced their disbandment.

On December 21st, Brand New Music released an official statement announcing the decision, stating that Phantom’s performance at the Brand New Music end-of-the-year concert on December 22nd would be their last as a team.

Phantom debuted in 2011 with the track “Hole In Your Face” and released a number of popular singles, including “Burning” and “Like Cho Yong-pil.” Most recently, the members— Hanhae, Sanchez, and Kiggen— have been involved in individual activities, including featuring on a number of other artists’ songs, making 2015’s “Could You Be Mine” their final release as a group.

“It’s a shame, but it is a decision that the group had been deliberating [on] for quite a long time. Please warmly cheer for the Phantom members’ new beginnings,” Brand New Music stated. “Even after the team dissolves, we plan to still actively support each of the three members’ individual music activities as an agency.”

Dani (danidee) is a writer for WTK from Southern California, who currently lives in Seoul’s Hongdae district. She is a huge fan of graphic novels, Asian films, and Korean hip-hop. Most of the week, she can be found studying Korean at Sogang University, marathoning “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” or trying to sample tiramisu from as many cute cafes as possible.

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