Eric Nam, Tablo, & Gallant’s “Cave Me In” Chosen As One Of Top 5 Songs Of 2017

Fuse TV has named “Cave Me In” as one of the top five songs of 2017!

Put together by Fuse Staff, the company released a list of the top 20 songs of the year. They described the list’s selections as following: “From breakthrough K-pop to the best from K.Dot, these are the tracks that spoke to both the masses and small communities to ultimately soar above the rest.”

BTS‘s “MIC Drop” was first included on the list at number 20. Kpop writer Jeff Benjamin stated that the song “wasn’t just brilliant for its blending of different genres and styles, but how all those elements enhance one another. Desiigner‘s ridiculously awesome flow fits perfectly alongside BTS’s braggadocio, with it all backed by a mainstream-accessible Aoki beat.”

However, coming in at one of the exclusive top five spots was the stunning collaboration from Tablo, Eric Nam, and Gallant. Listed at number five on the list, “Cave Me In” was an all-English track that showcased the gorgeous vocals of both Eric and Gallant, while Tablo broke things up with his clever lyrics and emotional rap. The song proved to be a huge hit with fans, but went largely unnoticed by many listeners. That fact is perhaps what makes the track being named as one of the top five songs of 2017 even sweeter— the song and the artists who wrote it are finally receiving the recognition they deserve for such a masterpiece!

Writer Tina Xu explained why the song warranted such a high rank on the Fuse TV list, “Pairing Gallant’s signature falsetto with the talents of veteran emcee Tablo and pop-R&B singer Eric Nam, ‘Cave Me In’ is, essentially, the perfect international collaboration. Painting a dreamy, cosmopolitan landscape of neon signs and quiet, 3AM city streets, the song feels blurred and crisp all at once. Its retro vibe is carefully balanced with an almost futuristic, ambient tone, making it quite the soothing soundtrack for an evening out. Issa mood.”

Congratulations to Gallant, Eric Nam and Tablo for “Cave Me In” being named as one of the top five songs of 2017! In addition, we congratulate BTS for their track “MIC Drop (Aoki Remix)” coming in as one of the top 20 songs of the year.

Aren’t you glad to see Kpop artists getting such worldwide recognition for their talent?

Check out “Cave Me In” below if you haven’t seen it already!

lee1086 is the Director and Editor-In-Chief of What The Kpop. She is thrilled that this beautiful song was named as one of the best songs of 2017 by Fuse TV! She already knew it was an incredible song and firmly believes it deserved to be named as “collaboration of the year” in both the U.S. and Korea. As such, she is glad to see it get some of the recognition it deserves. When not writing unapologetically biased articles about her favorites, she is editing articles, watching K-dramas, and hanging out at church with her family and friends.

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