BTS’s “MIC Drop” Remix Officially Enters Top 50 For U.S. Pop Radio

BTS has set another amazing record for Kpop!

The popular idol group has officially entered the list of top 50 most-played songs on pop radio in the U.S. They are the first Kpop group to do so and only the second Korean artist to do so after PSY.

This means that across the country, BTS’s new song “MIC Drop (Aoki Remix featuring Desiigner)” is being requested and played so much that it now ranks as number 50 on the radio charts.

Since radio play has a lot to do with the Billboard Hot 100, fans are eagerly waiting to see if this means good things are in store for the guy’s newest song.

In addition, the findings reported by All Access Music Group show that “MIC Drop” is now ranked as the number one new song on U.S. radio for this week (as seen on the “Taking Off” chart where new releases or trending songs are recorded). A total of 18 different stations have played the song almost 330 times, beating out other new songs/additions by artists such as Fergie, Taylor Swift, and P!NK.

Congratulations to BTS on another great record!

Check out the charts and findings below.

Media: All Access Media Group

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