WATCH: Ji Hansol’s Upcoming Boy Group NewKidd Reveals Pre-Debut Single Trailers

J-FLO Entertainment’s upcoming boy group NewKidd  is releasing a preview single!

J-FLO Entertainment shared NewKidd’s logo and announced that the group will be releasing a preview single titled “Will You Be Ma…” on November 30th.

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The preview single will include only four members, Ji Hansol, Yunmin, Jinkwon, and Woochul rather than the full group, which consists of members who are mostly in their mid-teens. Ji Hansol is widely known among Kpop fans for being a former SM Entertainment trainee who performed with SM Rookies and recently as a participant on KBS’s idol reboot show “The Unit.”

Check out the trailers for “Will You Be Ma…” below!

ICYMI, check out  JinKwon X Woochul’s music film clip and Ji Hansol’s music film clip.

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Media: J-FLO Entertainment

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