WATCH: New LOONA Member Yves Releases Solo MV

LOONA‘s newest member has finally been revealed to the public!

On November 28th, Yves (pronounced Eve) was introduced through her first solo MV. The song is appropriately entitled “new” and showcase the smooth vocals of the lovely, young singer.

Just like Eve in the Garden of Eden asking was it really wrong to disobey God, Yves wants to show that nothing can put her in a box or limit her in any way. The MV shows Yves taking a bite of an apple as a way to be exiled to earth where she can make her own choices, vowing to be herself through all kinds of hardship and pain.

LOONA is a girl group with a unique concept. Each member is slowly introduced to the public through their own solo songs and MVs before uniting in sub-units. So far, the sub-units LOOΠΔ 1/3 and ODD EYE CIRCLE have released their own music and MVs.

There is one remaining sub-unit left to be revealed, with Yves being the first member to be introduced. When all the remaining members are revealed and release music as a sub-unit, the entire group will finally come together and make their official debut as LOONA.

Check out Yves’ MV below! What do you think?

Media: LOONA the World

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