“Produce 101” Friends Jang Moon Bok And Seong Hyun Woo To Release Duet

Jang Moon Bok and Seong Hyun Woo will be releasing a special track together!

On November 22nd, it was revealed that the former “Produce 101: Season 2” trainees would be collaborating for a new song. The two became friends during filming of the hit survival show, earning many fans due to their sweet attitudes and adorable friendship on camera. After the show finished its broadcast, Seong Hyun Woo decided to sign with ONO Entertainment, officially becoming Jang Moon Bok’s label mate.

With both of them now at the same level, many fans were hoping that would work together and release music. It seems those wishes will soon be fulfilled as the two will release a collaboration track in early December.

It is reported that the two have been hard at work and practicing together for quite some time, eager to fulfill fans’ wishes.

Who’s excited for their new track? Stay tuned for more details!

Media and Source: Naver

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