Perez Hilton Makes Enemies Of ARMY (Again) Due To Comments About BTS

Perez Hilton, known for his celebrity blog, harsh critiques, and outspoken attitude, made enemies out of the BTS fandom once more!

During the 2017 American Music Awards— which the gossip reporter was not attending— he first made comments about BTS during their red carpet appearance, saying “Boner Alert!” when he shared his article about their fashion.

Once the group performed, he then made a comment that angered a lot of fans. “This is about as live as Selena,” he stated. He then went on to make a poll to ask fans if BTS lipsynched their performance (68% voted no). When some fans expressed their unhappiness with his comment and poll, he then posted again, “Sure, they lipsynched, but they really brought it with the dancing!”

At this point, ARMY and other Kpop fans began to get really angry and started responding to his tweets in full blast. It seemed the response was so overwhelming that Perez, who at first said he didn’t care who tried to drag him, found it all a bit too much. He then posted again in seeming anger by saying “RT if you don’t get the hype around [BTS].” In a later blog post, he wrote about BTS’s performance of “DNA” by stating, “…well, it was something” and also reaffirming his position once more, “We’re pretty sure they were lip-syncing, so there’s that.”

Needless to say, fans were beyond tired of his back-and-forth attitude and criticism, especially after making his attraction to BTS known just a couple of hours before. The blogger has long since been famous for his controversial opinions and unapologetically loud behavior that many people find obnoxious.

This isn’t the first time he has clashed with BTS fans, however, perhaps leading to his extra criticism today. During the 2017 BBMAs, where BTS made headlines as the first Kpop group to win a BBMA, Perez Hilton came to people’s attention for seemingly fawning all over BTS, albeit in a controversial way.

His posts that day ranged from wondering if any of the members were “openly” gay, asking people to RT him if they were “horny” for BTS, and commenting about how cute they all were. In fact, Perez has followed their activity on Twitter since before the BBMAs, even making positive comments on Jungkook and Jimin‘s cover of “We Don’t Talk Anymore.”

In particular, his BBMA comment implying he too was “horny” for BTS made many fans angry, especially considering the fact that Jungkook was still just 19 at the time. When compared to Perez’s age of 39, his comments had many people feeling uncomfortable. In addition, many fans didn’t appreciate his comment that seemed to imply that some of the members were gay but just not living openly. The response of fans asking him to be respectful and stop making sexual innuendos about BTS was tremendous, but Perez seemed to make no apology for his remarks, as is typical of his behavior when it comes to his controversial comments.

BTS wasn’t the only one he criticized on his Twitter account during the event, however. He also implied that Whitney Houston would not have been pleased by Christina Aguilera’s “Bodyguard” tribute and said that everything about Kelly Clarkson’s red carpet look was trash, with the exception of her dress.

Most of his posts and tweets throughout the night received far less than 20 comments each, despite the Twitter bio of the self-proclaimed “hottest gossip columnist” and “Queen of Hollywood” saying he runs one of the “most famous websites in the world.” In fact, his popularity seems to be at an all-time low as his years of trouble have taken a toll on his career. From saying Kylie Jenner should have gotten an abortion to calling Ke$ha a “trashy wh*re,” from his use of anti-gay slurs (despite being gay himself) to racist remarks of why he can’t stand black men, the gossip columnist has lost friends left and right due to his highly public feuds with A-list celebrities and over-the-top, brash manner.

What do you think about his controversial posts? Let us know in the comment section below or feel free to tell Perez yourself by tweeting him at @ThePerezHilton.

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