BamBam’s Best: GOT7’s King Of Blurry, Beautiful Selcas

Welcome to the first edition of “BamBam’s Best,” a new series where we’ll be focusing on the always loveable BamBam and his many talents.

Today, we’ll be focusing on BamBam’s gorgeous selcas— blurry, but never basic! The second youngest member of JYP boy group GOT7 is known for his high-end looks and even higher quality selcas. But even his shaky, low-grade photos can still make you want to scream “yaasssssss!” Without further ado, here are some of our favorite low quality pictures of this high quality man!


Bammie coined the stage name “Double B” in a verse on the GOT7 banger “BOOM 3x,” written by fellow member Jackson. The song is off of the group’s second studio album, “Flightlog: Turbulence,” which was the era when platinum blonde BamBam made his debut! Since then, the name has stuck, and the platinum hair has become an iconic staple in Bam’s hair color past!

Baby Bam

Even when BamBam had just debuted, he was already mastering those blurry selcas! Although he has aged and matured into a gorgeous, young man these days, there is still something to be said about his two-toned hair and chubby, baby face from the “Girls Girls Girls” era.

Bangkok Bad Boy

BamBam’s red locks were on full display all summer during 2017 while the Thai native toured and vacationed in his home country. Despite the numerous HD fan site photos, my personal favorite picture shows the magic that can happen when Kpop meets “Hawaii Five-O.” What do you think of this blurry masterpiece?

Black-Haired Snake

Perhaps the most dangerous of all hair colors on an idol is black. It tends to bring out a side of them that makes all the fan girls swoon! BamBam is no exception, especially when armed with colored contacts and a killer pout. This unfocused selca definitely captured my heart!

Feel free to drop more BamBam selcas in the comments section, then let us know which one is your favorite!!

LizzySKpop is a WTK writer who loves discovering new music, attending and working concerts, as well as trying Korean beauty products. She enjoys the music of GOT7, MONSTA X, BTS, BIGBANG, A.C.E., and many more. Although she is pretty new to the Kpop world, she is already a hardcore fan and finds more groups every day to love. No matter what though, she will always love GOT7 the most and constantly relives the moments when she was able to see them at hi-touch events and a personal Skype session! She is proud aunt that has spread the love of Kpop to her nieces as well.

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