WATCH: Gugudan Are Bona Fide Chocoholics In “Chococo” MV

Just when you thought the girls of Gugudan couldn’t get any sweeter, they come out with a concept like this.

On November 8th at 6 PM KST, Jellyfish Entertainment officially revealed the music video for the girl group’s comeback track “Chococo.” In the video, the members can be seen as adorable employees of a chocolate factory, ensuring all of the chocolate bars coming through are top quality – and having wild chocolate fantasies on the way!

Unfortunately missing from the music video is injured member Soyee, who is currently on indefinite hiatus while receiving treatment for a shoulder injury.

“Chococo” is the title track of their first single album, entitled Act.3 Chococo Factory, which was released on the same day.

Check out the full video for “Chococo” below!

Dani (danidee) is a writer for WTK from Southern California, who currently lives in Seoul’s Hongdae district. She is a huge fan of graphic novels, Asian films, and Korean hip-hop. Most of the week, she can be found studying Korean at Sogang University, marathoning “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” or trying to sample tiramisu from as many cute cafes as possible.

Media: Jellyfish Entertainment

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