WATCH: TWICE Drops Album Spoiler For “LIKEY”

UPDATED: TWICE has released the highlight medley for their upcoming album,Twicetagram. Check it out below! You can also see the main teaser video for their music video by clicking here.

UPDATED: New individual teaser videos have been released for Tzuyu, Momo, and Jeongyeon! Check them out below. What do you think of this concept so far?

UPDATED: TWICE has now released the first set of individual teaser images for Twicetagram. Members Nayeon, Mina, and Jihyo are the first to start in their own teaser videos for the upcoming title track, “LIKEY.” Watch them below!


UPDATED: TWICE has released the first set of individual teaser images for their comeback with Twicetagram. The members look gorgeous in the adorable photos, showing off new styles and looking charming and youthful.

Check out the photos below! Which one is your favorite?

You can also check out the track list and original teaser photo and album trailer.

ORIGINAL: TWICE has dropped a new group teaser photo for their comeback with Twicetagram. The new album is set to have the title track of “LIKEY” and is said to have a fun, charming concept.

Check out the photo below!

Media: JYP Entertainment
Feature Image Capture: Soompi

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