5 New K-Dramas You Should Be Watching Right Now

Korean drama land has not been short of great dramas this year! Through quirky office dramas like “Chief Kim,” romantic comedies like “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” and coming-of-age school dramas like “School 2017,” we have been blessed with great hours of enjoyment, laughter, and tears.

While there’s only a few months left before a new year begins, 2017 is still packed with some great productions that you don’t want to miss out on. Check out our list of “5 New K-Dramas You Should Be Watching Right Now.”

1- “While You Were Sleeping”

Starting off with one of the most highly anticipated productions of this year, “While You Were Sleeping” boasts of a visually perfect romance between actors Lee Jong Suk and Suzy. Writer Park Hyeryun is known for having worked together with both actors previously in different projects (“Pinocchio,” “Dream High”). Nam Hongjoo (Suzy) is gifted with the ability to see ill-fated events in her dreams. Her path crosses with rookie prosecutor Jung Jaechan (Lee Jongsuk) who prevents Hongjoo’s dreams from happening in real life.

The drama is raking in viewers with this fresh storyline and loveable characters, so it’s definitely one to add to your must-watch list.

2- “Temperature of Love”

If you were a fan of “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim,” you will be thrilled to hear that Seo Hyunjin and Yang Sejong have reunited in “Temperature of Love.”

This romance tackles the story of a 29-year-old screenwriter and a 23-year-old restaurant owner who meet online. Despite slowly (and maturely) developing interest in each other, they are soon forced to choose whether to make rational decisions and follow their hearts.

Set to air for 40 episodes (two episodes back-to-back every night), it will surely tug at your heart as you dive deeper in this unconventional relationship.

3- “Revolutionary Love”

Fans who missed Choi Siwon as he served in the military the last two years will be ecstatic to hear that the actor has already begun his comeback production! Together with Kang Sora (“Misaeng,” “Mr. Lawyer, Mr. Jo”) and Gong Myung (“Entertainer,” “Bride of the Water God”), this drama is sure to give you another good love triangle.

Byun Hyuk (Choi Siwon) experiments living in a poor area while hiding the fact that he is actually from a wealthy family. Baek Joon (Kang Sora), on the other hand, works multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet. The two characters’ lives change as they cross paths.

This combination of visually pleasing actors will surely soothe your weekends!

4- “Black”

Tired of rom-coms? You might want to check out supernatural thriller “Black.”

This drama stars Song Seungheon and Go Ara as the grim reaper and a woman who can see death. The two main characters team up to fight against the rules of heaven, but not without falling in love as well.

OCN never fails to deliver with their genre dramas, and by having the producer of “Voice” and “Liar Game” on board, this is one drama promising a scary, yet stylish, production.

5- “Because This is My First Life”

“Because This is My First Life” is a romantic comedy starring Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min (“My Father is Strange”). The story follows the not-so-usual lives of Nam Sehee (Lee Min Ki) and Yoon Jiho (Jung So Min) as they somehow end up living together.

Fans have been anticipating this drama since it marks Lee Min Ki’s first lead role on the small screen since 2007. The drama was written by Yoon Nanjoon (“Flower Boy Ramyun Shop”) who has already included some quirky, cute, and loveable characters that fans just can’t get enough of, despite only being a few episodes into the drama.

If you’re looking for something light to make you smile, then you definitely don’t want to leave out “Because This is My First Life.”

With such a flood of good productions, which drama have you been watching these days? Are there other great K-dramas we should have included? Are you a fan of the dramas we listed above?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

beatrice has been a follower of the Korean industry since late 2009. From then on, she has cultivated an obsession over mostly boy groups/singers and dramas. Beatrice is a libra whose heart is full of singing, music, and photography.

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