WATCH: A.C.E Is “Callin'” You In Hype New Music Video

Rookie group A.C.E has made their first full comeback with the music video for “Callin'”!

“Callin'” was released on October 18th at 6 p.m. KST on multiple forms of media, including the band’s official YouTube channel. The music video’s visuals immediately hits the eyes with incredibly bright colors before switching to a contrasting black-and-white scene for the dynamic dance portions. All five members are incredibly involved in the detailed, yet fluid, style of choreography that seems to hit every single beat.

The song boasts a unique style of Euro-techno and Jumpstyle music. Jumpstyle is a form of quick-moving, electronic dance music that involves a hard-hitting, loud, and repetitive bass beat which pulses throughout the song before suddenly dropping to softer tones (in this case, a piano medley and trance trills). A.C.E’s debut track, “Cactus,” was also a Jumpstyle track, showing that the group is somewhat sticking to a theme and continuing the unique genre which very few Korean artists have tackled.

A.C.E has shown their unique style very well and their popularity shows! Their debut song, which was released back in May, boasts over 2 million views, despite how new the group is!

“Callin'” is the title track of A.C.E’s second single album of the same name.

Check out the dynamic music video below, then feel free to let us know what you think!

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