10 Reasons Why We’re Ready For Super Junior’s Comeback

While legendary Kpop groups like TVXQ were hailed as the “gods of Kpop” and BIGBANG simply dubbed “The Kings,” there was one group in particular that took Kpop to a new level in Asia and opened doors across the world for the Hallyu Wave to truly take over. That’s right— we’re talking about none other than the original Kings of Kpop themselves, Super Junior!

After debuting in 2005, Super Junior shot to true international fame with their mega hit “Sorry Sorry” in early 2009. They have won an astonishing total of 18 Golden Disc Awards, 13 MAMAs (plus 19 additional nominations!), two U.S. Teen Choice Awards, and multiple MTV awards. Over the course of their career, the group has racked up a total of 155 international awards, 206 nominations, and almost 60 Korean music show trophies.

In addition, they were the first boy band from SMTOWN to reach 100 million views on YouTube— a rare occurrence in those days— and have since gone on to become the first and only SMTOWN group to have an exclusive sub-label formed for their activities.

After forming the first sub-unit in Kpop history, the group went on to form four more. They also have a total of five members as soloists under Label SJ.

That being said, it seems obvious that these guys are true legends! Unfortunately, over the past two years during their hiatus, a lot of new fans have joined the Kpop community and are, therefore, not too familiar with Super Junior. With their comeback less than one month away, here’s 10 reasons why everyone should be pumped for their 12th anniversary album!

1- Their Quirky Sense Of Humor

Super Junior has always been hilarious. In fact, it’s just one of the reasons why fans love them. That’s why it was a classic Suju move to make “Mamacita,” their 2014 title track and comeback MV, totally quirky, goofy, and hilarious. To keep fans from getting too distracted with their zany antics, however, they made sure to look amazing, show off their classic dance skills, and deliver another addictive song that had people singing “Hey Mamacita!” for months.

2- Vocals From Heaven

SMTOWN is known for recruiting wonderful vocalists and then training them extremely well to polish up their voices and make them some of the strongest ones in the industry. Super Junior’s vocal line is no exception to this rule, and although main vocalists Kyuhyun and Ryeowook are currently serving in the military, powerhouse singer Yesung is still present and ready to bless our ears. Not only that, people like Leeteuk and Heechul, sub-vocalists with their own gorgeous vocals, will get a bigger chance to shine this time.

3- Crisp, Fun Dances

Super Junior was one of the first modern Kpop groups to take a large amount of members and incorporate highly-synchronized dance routines throughout the whole track or MV. As such, they quickly became famous for being one of everyone’s favorite “dance bands.” Over the years, they’ve certainly proved their talents and are now just able to focus on creating fun, entertaining dances that suit their songs. Super Junior’s experience has made them confident in their skills and it shows in the clean, crisp dances they pull off effortlessly.

4- Ballads, Ballads, Ballads!

Although the public will always know Super Junior primarily for their dance songs, true fans know where the group’s real talent (and preferences) lie. Each album since debut has gifted fans with incredible ballads that not only show off their tremendous vocal talent but their emotional singing as well. Many of the ballads have been written by the members themselves, showing just how much the group loves to slow things down. “Don’t Leave Me” is a true fan-favorite and was written by Siwon for Super Junior’s 2014 album.

5- The Original Variety-Dols

What gained Super Junior so many fans at first was their relatable sense of humor that made them perfect for variety shows. Even before their music became such a massive hit, variety shows couldn’t get enough of these entertaining idols, even leading people to dub them the “variety-dols.” Despite many of the members like Heechul and Leeteuk still being some of the most in-demand Kpop idols on variety, we miss the days when we saw the entire group make appearances on shows like “Radio Star” and more. Therefore, we’re thrilled to know their comeback will bring them on TV once more! Until then, check out one of our favorite examples of their classic variety humor when Sungmin and Kangin had this hilarious interaction on “Intimate Note.”

6- The Start of Super Show 7

With every new album that Super Junior releases, a new world tour is held. That means this comeback doesn’t just herald the return of the Kings of Kpop, it also signifies that a new tour is in the not-too-distant future. Rumor has it that their concert dates for SS7 in Osaka and Tokyo are already set, leading fans to anticipate the official announcement of their tour after the comeback. Their shows aren’t just popular, however, they are truly epic, with most fans touting their stage presence and charisma as the best in the business. Perhaps that’s why Super Junior became the first Kpop group to ever hold 100 solo concerts.

7-  Songs That Never Get Old

As a longtime Kpop fan, I know I’m biased when I think back to what I consider the best era of Kpop. However, one thing that is undeniable is the fact that many of the songs today are easily forgotten. In what many people term the golden age of Kpop, groups like BIGBANG, Super Junior, and 2NE1 were busy cranking out hits that are still some of fans’ most favorite tracks today. In fact, despite “Sorry Sorry” being released eight years ago, it’s not unusual for people to humorously apologize in Korea by accompanying their words with Super Junior’s trademark dance and song. What unforgettable song will Super Junior have in store for fans next? We can only wait until November 6th to find out!

8- They Love To Have Fun

Super Junior loves to have fun, and they never try to hide the fact. Their fun-loving attitude might lead some people to think they’re not serious about music, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Whether it’s by rocking out onstage or just hanging out together and teasing Yesung (like in their new reality show “SJ Returns”), Super Junior is always laughing and having a good time— endearing them even more to their fans.

9- They Have No Shame (Thankfully!)

The members of Super Junior have no shame when it comes to fan service! It seems like every comeback brings more crazy antics, every live show brings more laughter, every variety show reveals more embarrassing stories, and every concert brings more hysterical stages. From Sungmin performing as HyunA to Heechul winning their “Miss SJ” beauty pageant, it’s obvious these guys will stop at nothing to make things entertaining. Case in point? This Beyonce-Lady Gaga performance in Paris.

10- Their Genuine Sense Of Brotherhood

SJ debuted 12 years ago, but they trained together even longer than that. That means most of the members have now been together for approximately half their lives. Through tragic losses of parents to bone-shattering accidents that nearly stole the lives of members, these loyal guys have been with each other through thick and thin. They have stated that they are now real brothers, and their genuine love for each other is truly evident in everything they do. Perhaps the biggest joy of watching Super Junior each comeback is not in observing their growth as artists or even laughing at their entertaining personalities. Perhaps the real reason fans so eagerly wait their new album is just because it’s a true joy to root for these guys who obviously love each other so much and have enjoyed every minute of working together for the past 12 years.

ELF first met Super Junior as impossibly young trainees who dreamed of making it big one day. Now, they have gone on to become one of the biggest names in Kpop and one of the most influential artists of their time. As such, it’s no wonder that every comeback is looked forward to by both fans and non-fans alike.

Are you excited for Super Junior’s comeback? What kind of concept do you hope they will tackle this time?

Let us know in the comment section below!

lee1086 is the director of What The Kpop and an unapologetically biased Super Junior fan. While not obsessing over Lee Donghae, watching Kai’s dance videos, or trying to decide if her SHINee bias is Taemin or Key, she is busy watching K-dramas or hanging out with her family and friends. In preparation of this SJ comeback, she has been saving money for months… all while wearing her “I bleed Sapphire Blue” t-shirt of course.

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  9. I absolutely agree with these reasons. As a new ELF, it’s going to be my first comeback and the reasons listed above are the ones that, for me, make a difference between SJ and the rest of the k-pop boybands.
    From Chile, we are ready and looking forward to it! 💙 👑

  10. This post is amazing! I just laugh everytime people try to sleep on SJ when it comes to achievements and stuff related to the music industry because clarley they’re legendary and still going strong. Can’t wait for the new comeback! And hopefully, the bring their hilarious asses to South America once again.
    (((Loved the authors’ note/description hahaha. Definetly going to make my own “I bleed Sapphire Blue” t-shirt!)))

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