WATCH: “The Unit” Drops Star-Studded MV For “My Turn”

The upcoming idol competition program “The Unit” has kicked things off with an amazing MV!

On October 13th KST, the music video for “My Turn” was dropped on the official V Live channel of the show. Just over a hundred girls and boys litter the large stage, showing off their synchronized dancing and vocals! The track boasts a modern, techno-house style but is simple enough to allow multiple voices to sing at once. Leading the girl group as the center is Eujin of SONAMOO. The boy group’s center is Kijoong from IM, a group that debuted just one month ago.

“The Unit” follows the recent popular trend of idol competition or survival programs, yet with a large difference. Rather than trainees hoping to debut, every contestant has already debuted in a group or been active in entertainment in the past. Not only individual members of groups, but even a few entire groups have joined the program in hopes of promoting themselves, showing off their hidden talents, and making it big once more.

“The Unit” supposedly started off with almost 400 contestants, but the initial competing group is about 130 in all. With 63 girls and 63 boys in the music video, it’s almost overwhelming with how many recognizable faces there are. The idea is to create two new idol units (one girl group and one boy group) with 10 members each by the end of the program. Rather than focusing on popularity, the voting is based around the idols’ talents, abilities, and hard work. The judge panel is full of huge names, including Rain, Taemin, Hyuna, San-E, and Hwang Chiyeol.

The end groups will act in a similar manner to I.O.I, Wanna One, and JBJ of “Produce 1o1” in that it is a temporary project unit. The winning groups from “The Unit” will promote for about seven months before each members returns to their respective companies and bands.

Fans have been pointing out their favorites in the MV, excited to see they passed the initial auditions. People from groups such as Laboum, DIA, Boyfriend, HOTSHOT, BigStar, SONAMOO, MYNAME, Snuper, Boy’s Republic, IM, The Ark, Brave Girls, SPEED, GP Basic, A-JAX, Dal Shabet, TopSecret, Wassup, SM Rookies, and Topp Dogg have been spotted among many others.

“The Unit” will air its first episode on October 28th

Check out the incredible new music video below, then feel free to let us know what you think and who you are rooting for!

CaptainMal has been into Korean Entertainment for seven years now, since 2010. She travels to conventions in her area, showcasing her “Kpop Game Show’” and occasional Kpop cosplay. Although her favorite bands are Infinite, Super Junior, and VIXX, she boasts a love for a huge variety of artists. Other than Kpop, CaptainMal loves Disney, 80’s rock, Daft Punk, Gaming, and Orange Juice.

Media: KBS

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