Kim Gura Says “Radio Star” Shouldn’t Fill Kyuhyun’s Position

It looks like “Radio Star” is still missing Super Junior’s Kyuhyun!

Cho Kyuhyun, veteran host and idol singer, has been an emcee on “Radio Star” for several years and is famous for being a perfect fit for the show. When he enlisted in the military in May of 2017, the show announced their intentions of finding someone to fill in for the star, leading many people to speculate that it would be former “Radio Star” host Shin Junghwan. The program decided to have special guest hosts each week until they decided on the right person to join the cast. Despite months passing, however, there was no word on Kyuhyun’s replacement— until now!

On October 13th, a Korean news report stated that when Kim Gura was asked about their intentions of replacing Kyuhyun, the “Radio Star” host responded that he didn’t think they should do so and that the program should just wait until Kyuhyun is released from military and he can rejoin the cast.

“To tell the truth, Kyuhyun and the hyungs (referring to the other co-hosts) get along so well. Is there anyone else that could do a better job than Kyuhyun? It has been a real headache for us [to try to find someone]. I believe that the best way is to keep the current format of inviting special guests as an MC instead of trying to find another fixed host. As the staff is still on strike [we can’t make an official decision].  But I would choose to continue the arrangement of just inviting special guests to co-host.”

We know Kim Gura and Kyuhyun have a special relationship, but it sounds like he is being missed even more than was expected!

What do you think of Kim Gura’s statement? Do you think they should just continue with the special guests?

Let us know your thoughts below!

Media: MBC
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