WATCH: SECHSKIES Drops “Another Light” Sampler

UPDATED: SECHSKIES has now dropped the final teaser for their comeback. This time, the group revealed a highlight medley for their album. Check it out below!

UPDATED: Just hours after the release of their teaser video for “Something Special,” SECHSKIES has revealed the teaser for their second title track, “Smile.”

Check it out below!

UPDATED: After releasing a series of gorgeous teaser images, SECHSKIES has now dropped the teaser video for their upcoming song “Something Special.”

The video was dropped on September 20th KST and gives a preview of the smooth, chill track that shows off the mature, manly side of SECHSKIES. “Something Special” is one of two title tracks for the group’s upcoming album, Another Light.

The new album will mark the group’s first studio album to be released in 18 years. It will also be their fifth studio album overall.

“Something Special” is set to be released on September 21st at 6 p.m. KST.

Check out the teaser video below!

Media: YG Entertainment

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