EXO Releases Comeback Date And Album Details

Along with their surprise teaser video, EXO has revealed their comeback date and details.

On August 30th, it was reported in Korea that EXO would be making their comeback on September 5th. The new album repackage will be entitled The War: The Power Of Music. It will include a total of three new tracks.

The title track is named “Power” and is said to be an EDM song with strong drums, synth sounds and an addictive chorus that will keep fans hyped up after “Ko Ko Bop.”

As for the other new tracks, fans are speculating one is called “Red Force” since that is the hashtag that was included with the new teaser video. The other track seems to be called “DISTORTION” since special emphasis was placed on that word in the teaser video. However, other fans are speculating the third track could be called “Total Eclipse” since the eclipse has played a huge part in this comeback, as well as in past EXO concepts.

According to the report by Naver, EXO has gained worldwide attention for their unique storytelling and planning from the time of their debut. With each comeback, fans couldn’t help but notice that things were connected from album to album, but with the recent teasers and information released, it has become obvious that things were truly planned this way from debut. They went on to state, “We are expecting full-scale development of their global fame. Through the teaser video ‘POWER #RF_05′, which tells about the orbs that symbolize the members’ supernatural powers, we are wondering about the future story and what it will bring.”

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Media: WTK
Source: Naver


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