EXO Makes It Into “The Guinness World Records 2018 Edition”

EXO has officially been included in “The Guinness World Records.”

For the 2018 edition of the famous book, EXO was included for having set a new record for themselves, thus tying for first place with BIGBANG. The record in question is the artist to win the most MAMA awards, the famous Mnet Asian Music Awards that are held annually.

BIGBANG previously set the record of most MAMAs won by acquiring five awards. In 2016, EXO tied that record, making them an official entry into “The Guinness World Records.”

This isn’t the first time EXO has been mentioned in the famous world records book. In 2014, Luhan became the first EXO member to set a world record for the book. He received the most comments on a single Weibo post— reaching over 13 million comments. He then broke his own record when that same post reached over 100 million comments! In addition, EXO’s Lay also broke seven out of eight Guinness World Records on the YinYueTai China Weekly Charts with his debut solo album, Lose Control, in 2016.

With one BIGBANG member in the military and the rest of them focusing on solo activities, it doesn’t seem likely that the entire group will be up for any MAMA awards this year. However, EXO held one comeback already, quickly becoming a quadruple million seller with their new album (only 1 of 3 artists in Korean history to reach this goal), and are set to make another comeback in September. As such, will they be up for another MAMA? Will we see them pull ahead of BIGBANG to set a brand new world record? Will any other groups come from behind to catch up? Only time will tell.

Congratulations to EXO for setting their own new record and joining such respected seniors as BIGBANG in the 2018 book of world records!

Check out their list of wins below:


Song of the Year 2007
Artist of the Year 2008
Artist of the Year 2012
Artist of the Year 2015
Song of the Year 2015


Album of the Year 2013
Album of the Year 2014
Artist of the Year 2014
Album of the Year 2015
Album of the Year 2016



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