WATCH: Wanna One’s Hwang Min Hyun Surprises NU’EST W Fans At Fanmeeting

NU’EST W fans were treated to a special surprise on the first day of the group’s “L.O.Λ.E & DREAM” fan-meetings.

The Pledis Entertainment group gifted fans with a video message from absent member Hwang Min Hyun, who is currently promoting with Wanna One.

Min Hyun’s surprise message appeared at the end of the fanmeet to inform fans that NU’EST W had prepared a special stage for them. Before Minhyun proceeded to lead a countdown to said performance, he expressed his sadness over not being able to participate in the meet.

You can hear the excitement from thousands of unsuspecting fans as the video plays out! Watch it for yourself below!

LizzySKpop is a WTK writer who stans GOT7 above all things in life and loves to try Korean beauty products. She also enjoys the music of MONSTA X, BTS, BIGBANG, and many more. Although she is pretty new to the Kpop world, she is already a hardcore fan and finds more groups every day to love. No matter what though, she will always love GOT7 the most and constantly relives the moments when she was able to see them up close and personal like at a hi-touch events and a personal Skype session! She is proud aunt that has spread the love of Kpop to her nieces as well.

Media: YouTube

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