Actor And Model Lee Soo Hyuk To Enlist In Military Today

Actor and model Lee Soo Hyuk is enlisting in the military today!

Although there was a rumor about his enlistment a few days ago, nothing was confirmed. However, fans were surprised today when the news was announced today by YG Entertainment that the actor would be enlisting in the military August 10th KST.

The famous celebrity shared that he had wanted to tell his fans previously while spending time with them, but he was unable to do so. He then vowed to faithfully fulfill his military duties and return in a healthy state. He also thanked his fans for their love and support.

YG also stated, “Lee Soo Hyuk will be enlisting in the afternoon. We didn’t release a statement earlier because we wanted to respect his wishes to enlist quietly.”

We wish Lee Soo Hyuk the best of luck as he enters the military and hope for his quick and safe return!

Media: YG Entertainment

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