WATCH: Weki Meki Makes Official Debut With “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend”

Weki Meki has finally made their official debut!

On August 8th, the girl group from Fantagio made their debut with the MV and title track, “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend.” The song itself is catchy and unique, blending pop with hip-hop elements and allowing the girls to experiment with a new genre not often tackled by rookie girl groups in Kpop.

The video itself also features the girls showing two sides to themselves— one more adorable and vulnerable, the other fiercer and tough. The choreography throughout the video is really good, already impressing fans with some of the catchy moves.

“I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend” is the title track off Weki Meki’s debut album, WEME.

Check out the video below, and congratulations to Weki Meki for finally making their debut!

Media: Fantagio

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