WATCH: Jaejoong Promises Lots Of Laughter In New “Manhole” Preview

With the premiere of “Manhole” just one day away, KBS has released an extended preview for the upcoming romantic comedy.

In the video, Kim Jaejoong is seen wishing he could stop the wedding of his high school sweetheart that he never confessed to. He ends up stumbling upon a magical manhole which sends him back in time and therefore back into high school.

The hilarious clips shows him waking up in class once more and freaking out over his change of circumstance. One thing follows another and when he goes back to the future, he realizes his actions during his trip back to the past have affected the present as well. What ensues is total hilarity as he has ended up a thug and running for his life.

“Manhole” co-stars UEE, Baro of B1A4, and actress Jung Hye Sung. It begins airing tomorrow on KBS!

Check out the new preview below!

Media: KBS

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