PRISTIN Drops Additional Teaser Images For Kyulkyung and Sungyeon

PRISTIN has dropped their newest set of individual teaser images!

UPDATED: PRISTIN has now released the “In School” version images for Kyulkyung and Sungyeon! Check them out now!

After releasing teaser images for Rena and Xiyeon, PRISTIN has now released images for Kyulkyung and Sungyeon.

The pictures released are the “out” version, which show the members having fun out of school. Kyulkyung is seen at a cafe, looking dreamily out the window, and Sungyeon is seen waving at friends as she sits eating snacks and reading Korean comic books.

PRISTIN will be making their comeback with their second mini-album, IN/OUT.

Check out the teasers below!

Media: Pledis Entertainment

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