“Cheer Up” Becomes TWICE’s Second MV To Reach 200 Million Views

TWICE has proven their lasting popularity with yet another MV reaching 200 million views on YouTube!

The song “Cheer Up,” a massive hit from 2016 which went on to win multiple awards like “Song of the Year,” has now gone over 200 million views, making this TWICE’s second MV to do so!

The only other Kpop artists to have music videos reach 200 million views are BIGBANG and PSY. This means that TWICE is the only girl group, as well as the only non-YG Entertainment artist, to reach this amazing amount of views on YouTube!

The popular girl group’s MV “TT” was their first MV to reach 200 million views.

Check out “Cheer Up” below if you haven’t seen it before!

Congratulations to TWICE!

Media: JYP Entertainment

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