WATCH: gugudan5959 Releases Catchy MV Teaser For “ICE CHU”

The first sub-unit for gugudan is set to make their official debut into the Kpop scene!

On August 8th KST, the unit, made of up members Mina and Hyeyeon, dropped the MV teaser for “ICE CHU.” This follows an extensive amount of adorable teasers images that built up excitement among their fans.

The cute MV is full of colors and cute images, showing the girls in a strange world where ice-creams walk around like people. In between causing mischievous trouble, they show off their vocals and dance skills.

gugudan5959 (pronounced gugudan ogu-ogu) is set to make their debut on August 10th.

Check out the adorable teaser below!

Media: Jellyfish Entertainment

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