WATCH: Lee Je Hoon And Na Moon Hee Shine In New Trailer For “I Can Speak” Film

“Tomorrow With You” star Lee Jee Hoon will be hitting the big screen again for the first time since his “Phantom Detective” film in 2016.

Directed by Kim Hyun Seok, “I Can Speak” tells the story of Park Min Jae (Lee Je Hoon), a low-ranking public servant at a district office who encounters a bunch of civil complaints from Na Ok Boon (Na Moon Hee), an older lady with a temper who always wants to get things straight. After hearing him speak English to a foreigner, Na Ok Boon quickly begs Park Min Jae to give her English lessons and a unique friendship soon begins to develop between the two. According to reports, the onscreen chemistry between the two leads was hilarious and sure to make this new comedy a success!

Filming for the movie began on March 29th and ended this past June 26th.

Other cast members include Park Chul Min, Yum Hye Ran, Kim So Jin, Lee Ji Hoon, Son Sook and Lee Sang Hee.

The film is set premiere this September.

Watch the teaser below. Are you looking forward to watch this?

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