WATCH: WINNER Releases Breezy MV Teaser For “LOVE ME LOVE ME”

WINNER has dropped the music video teaser for “LOVE ME LOVE ME”!

The teaser starts off with the members, all dressed in blue, as they gather at the end of a small pier, giving off a cool summer vibe. The teaser continues with some funky editing, spinning pixel hearts, and a mini dance session, as well as snippets of a ping-pong match. Lovey-dovey text messages are seamlessly added throughout to give the teaser a large dose of cuteness.

The teaser ends with members serenading listeners with the words, “Love me, love me more.”

Check out the music video teaser below and tell us what you think!

Papillon8689 has been a Kpop fan since 2009.  In her spare time, she enjoys watching Kdramas and more Kdramas. She enjoys music from various Kpop groups though Super Junior is her number one!

Media: YG Entertainment

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