INFINITE’s Sungyeol Shows Off Amazing Build After Months Of Exercise

INFINITE‘s Sungyeol has made a huge transformation after months of hard work and exercise!

On August 1st, the singer and actor released a new picture via his Instagram account. He is seen shirtless and showing off his muscular build from the back.

The singer revealed that he has been working out and exercising for eight months in an effort to get rid of his “baby fat.” He has worked hard to become consistent in order to show off his results.

INFINITE was set to make a comeback earlier in May, but they had to put it off for various reasons, such as the health of one member who was recovering from an injury. The latest rumors hint that the guys will be making a comeback in August, so perhaps that is why Sungyeol has been working so hard!

Check out his original post below!

Media: WTK, Instagram

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