JB Teases In Gorgeous New Photos For JJ Project’s Return With “Verse 2”

JJ Project has revealed new teaser photos of GOT7 leader JB for their upcoming comeback!

Given the amount of attention JJ Project gained even before GOT7’s debut, the duo, consisting of GOT7’s Jinyoung and JB, is bound to be a hit once more with their comeback! They will be out with “Verse #2” this July 31st.

Eight tracks were revealed to be included in the new album. Fans were extra excited to know both Jinyoung and Defsoul (the name JB uses as a songwriter) have composed and written lyrics for the new album.

Following JB’s gorgeous teasers, Jinyoung’s photos will be out tomorrow!

What kind of songs do you think will be released for JJ Project’s comeback?

Check out the latest teasers below, and let us know what impression you get from the photos!

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