WATCH: Yang Hyun Suk Gives Fans Preview Of Taeyang’s Comeback MV

The king of spoilers is back with another glimpse at an upcoming YG Entertainment music video!

That’s right, Papa YG himself has released a preview of Taeyang‘s upcoming solo MV. Mr. Yang Hyun Suk revealed the sneak peek at the music video by sharing a short clip on his Instagram account on July 21st KST.

The video shows the BIGBANG singer singing on-screen as he films the MV in Los Angeles. Taeyang is seen with platinum blonde hair and wearing a fringed jacket as smoke pours behind him. The YG founder also goes on to reveal that Taeyang will have two title tracks and MVs, making fans even more excited for Taeyang’s comeback than they already were.

Check out the short preview below! Are you excited?

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