MONSTA X Reveals Gorgeous Group Teaser Image For “Newton”

MONSTA X has revealed the newest teaser images for their summer comeback!

UPDATE: Since the release of their individual teasers, MONSTA X has revealed a gorgeous group teaser image that shows the guys posing together by the ocean, bright smiles on their faces. Check it out!

The idol group from Starship Entertainment revealed the full set of individual teasers for each member, showing a bright, summer concept as the guys pose by the ocean. Their cute looks and smiles make them into the perfect boyfriend material and melted the hearts of all MONSTA X fans around the world.

The group will be releasing a new digital single album, entitled Newton, on July 27th. The label has described the song as refreshingly cool.

Check out the teaser images below! Are you excited for MONSTA X’s new release?

Media: Starship Entertainment

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