WATCH: Zico Drops New Teaser And Tracklist For Solo Comeback

Zico‘s solo comeback is getting closer every day!

To build anticipation for his upcoming album, the solo artist and Block B leader dropped a teaser video for his upcoming title tracks, “Artist.” The teaser video shows Zico and fellow member U-KWON in a retro-style TV show and getting into trouble around the city. At the end of the video, we then see Zico in present day and sitting on top of the old TV.

A short while later, a full tracklist was released on Block B’s official Twitter account. It turns out that “Artist” is only one of two title tracks. The album, entitled Television, will have a total of six tracks, including the previously released “Bermuda Triangle” and “She’s A Baby.” The other title track is “Anti” and features artist G.Soul. This is Zico’s second mini-album.

Television is set to drop on July 12th, so stay tuned!

Who’s excited for Zico’s solo comeback? Check out the teaser video and tracklist below!

Media: Seven Seasons Entertainment

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