YG Entertainment Reveals Debut Details For Solo Artist ONE

ONE is finally preparing for his solo debut, and YG Entertainment has revealed the details of his release!

After releasing multiple teaser photos and a video, two new images were released on July 1st KST. The photos share the information for ONE’s upcoming release.

The title track and upcoming MV is entitled “Heyahe” (pronounced “hey-ya-hey”) and was written by ONE, as well as co-composed by him as well. The track is the lead song off his upcoming album, One Day.

ONE was formerly part of the duo 1PUNCH with “Produce 101” trainee Samuel Kim. The duo disbanded when ONE was signed to YG Entertainment, where he began preparing for his official solo debut.

The release date for One Day is July 11th KST, so stay tuned!

Check out the teaser images below!

Media: YG Entertainment


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