Taemin Is A Flawless Flower Boy In Teasers For New Japanese Album

SHINee‘s Taemin is getting to release his newest Japanese album!

On June 20th, the popular singer dropped a set of teaser photos for the upcoming album, Flame of Love. The gorgeous singer and dancer is seen looking as flawless as ever and is surrounded by brightly-colored flowers in shades of red and violet.

The photos were taken by the famous photographer Mika Ninagawa and were done with the intent of showing an almost mystical vibe in the pictures. Taemin stated, “I was able to concentrate on the photography with the concept of fully expressing my strength.”

Flame of Love is Taemin’s second mini-album to be released in Japan and is set to drop on  July 18th.

Check out the stunning pictures below!

Media: Avex
Source: Daily Japan

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