WATCH: G-Dragon Keeps Performing Despite Fan Jumping Onstage To Hug Him

G-Dragon‘s Seoul concert was full of many memorable moments, but perhaps the most unfortunate part of the evening came when a crazed fan jumped onstage and hugged G-Dragon.

In a video uploaded by a fan on Twitter, the fan calmly approaches G-Dragon onstage before jerking him towards her by his shirt. Although he keeps singing, he obviously tries to keep his distance. However, the fan then puts her arm around his neck and pulls him multiple times until he is forced closer to her. She then wraps him in a hug as security comes running and attempts to pull her off. As they yank on her and try to make her let go, she keeps a calm face as G-Dragon spins away out of her grasp to continue performing.

Her eerie coolness over the entire matter seems to hint that she is not emotionally stable at the time, leading people to speculate if she jumped on the stage at that point because G-Dragon was singing a song from the album he recorded with T.O.P. Due to her calm demeanor and sad face, it seems possible she wanted to comfort G-Dragon over the recent events, but as with all cases like this, we’ll never really know what was going through the mind of this unpredictable fan.

Check out the video for yourself and see what you think! What a scary moment!


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