MAMAMOO Announces Comeback In First Official Teaser Image

MAMAMOO is having a comeback!

On June 6th, Rainbow Bridge World announced that the lovely girls would be making a comeback. In the first official teaser image, uploaded onto their Twitter, the label stated, “Good news! We want to love again!” The image was them accompanied by the caption: #MAMAMOO #ComeBack#C_764e82 #C_3871a6 + #C_007644.

While the “C” seems to obviously stand for comeback, the numbers appear to refer to the codes used for colors on the Hex scale. The first color listed is a deep purple, the second is a medium blue shade, and the third is a deep green. The jewel tones are rich and appear to promise a new concept for the group.

Check out the original tweet below! Are you excited for MAMAMOO’s comeback?

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Media: Rainbow Bridge World

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