WATCH: Nam Joo Hyuk Is Flawless In New “Bride Of The Water God” Trailer

After much anticipation, Nam Joo Hyuk has finally been revealed in full costume and makeup for his upcoming drama, “Bride of the Water God.”

The drama is based loosely on the manhwa of the same name and tells the story of a female doctor who is offered to a water god as a sacrifice and must become his slave. Nam Joo Hyuk plays the reincarnated water god in modern days, while Shin Se Kyung plays the doctor.

With the modern aspect of the drama, things looked like they would be pretty different from the original manhwa, especially after the first two teasers were released and showed nothing but the modern story. However, a third teaser has been released that finally gives viewers a chance to see Nam Joo Hyuk as the original water god, clad in golden armor and with long white hair and heavy makeup.

The drama begins airing on July 3rd on tvN.

Who’s excited? Check out the new teaser below!

Media: tvN

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