Upcoming Fantagio Girl Group Introduces First Members & Asks For Group Name Suggestions

The upcoming girl group from Fantagio Entertainment, already known for having two former I.O.I members, is getting ready for their debut!

On the evening of June 3rd KST, the group’s official V Live channel held a broadcast to introduce half of the members to fans. Although the girls are already known to fans due to the previous live broadcasts and videos, they announced their new stage names and other news. The four members introduced were: former I.O.I member Choi Yoojung, SAY (real name Seojung), Lua (Sookyung), and Elly (Haerim).

In the next broadcast, the four final members will be introduced, including an unknown member who hasn’t been featured in other broadcasts before now.

During the broadcast, the young singers revealed that they would be making their debut in July and asked fans for suggestions for their group name. Before now, they have been referred to as “i-Teen Girls,” but now fans can let their opinions be heard as to what their official name should be. You can do so by following the directions HERE. Suggestions will be taken starting today and accepted until June 11th KST.

Check out the broadcast below! Who’s excited to see the i-Teen Girls finally debut?

Media: V Live

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